We believe the dinner plate is the foundation to better health. That’s why we promote the ethos of ‘Food as Medicine’. Locally sourced, ‘real’ food that uses cooking methods to maintain nutritional integrity, alongside a bar with a difference that serves gluten-free beers & ciders, organic, biodynamic low-sulphite wines & homemade infused spirits that will leave you planning your next visit before you’ve left

Each time you eat or drink you are either feeding disease or fighting it!

Heather Morgan MS, NLC

Life in our modern, time-challenged world is very different from the experience of our Palaeolithic, hunter-gatherer ancestors with which we share the vast majority of our genes. Despite the numerous benefits we now enjoy, poor food choices, modern food processing methods, shelf-life requirements & high temperature cooking have left many of our diets lacking in some of the nutrients we need to achieve optimal health

Poor diet & lifestyle choices are primary factors in the spiralling chronic disease rates. The big chronic diseases of modern times are the leading causes of premature death today. Our healthcare systems are overburdened & many are experiencing an unnecessary deterioration in their quality of life

Instead of addressing our food lifestyle choices, many of us opt for a short cut and turn to medicine as the ‘magic bullet’ to solve health challenges. But food is both information & Nature’s medicine — a powerful healer when combined, prepared & consumed in the right way. Better still, food speaks to our genes in a language they understand & to which they can respond

‘Food as medicine’ is the way Nature intended it. Come in & experience the important role it plays in our health and how the foods we eat can help us live healthier, happier & more vital lives


Colour yourself happy

Eating a rainbow everyday is like flinging open the door to nature’s medicine cabinet. We all benefit from consuming the full range of the 6 colour groups representing phytonutrients from green, red, orange, yellow, blue/purple foods every day …packing one hell of a nutrient punch

Red foods

Beans (adzuki, kidney, red), Beetroot, Red peppers, Blood oranges, Cranberries, Cherries, Goji berries, Grapefruit (pink), Red apples, Red grapes, Red onions, Red plums, Pomegranate, Potatoes (red skin), Radicchio, Red cabbage, Red leaf lettuce, Radishes, Raspberries, Strawberries, Sweet red peppers, Rhubarb, Rooibos tea, Tomato, Watermelon.


Cancer protective, healthy inflammatory response, cell protection, gastrointestinal health, heart health, hormone balance, liver health.

Orange foods

Apricots, Bell peppers (orange), Carrots, Grapefruit, Mango, Nectarine, Orange, Papaya, Pumpkin, Squash (Butternut/Acorn/Winter), Sweet Potato, Tangerines Turmeric Root, Yams.


Cancer protective, immune health, cell protection, reduced all-cause mortality, immune health, reproductive health, skin health, source of pro-vitamin A.

Yellow foods

Apple, Banana, Bell peppers (yellow), Sweetcorn, Corn-on-the-cob, Chickpeas, Ginger root, Lemon, Millet, Pineapple, Popcorn.


Cancer protective, Healthy inflammatory response, cell protection, cognition, skin health, eye health, heart/vascular health.

Green foods

Apples (green), Artichoke, Asparagus, Avocado, Bamboo shoots, Bean sprouts, Bok Choy, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage (beet leaves, chard, dandelion leaves, kale, lettuce, mustard leaves, spinach, rocket, etc.), Celery, Cucumbers, Edemame (soybeans), Beans, Peas (e.g. green, mange tout), Green Tea, Lettuce, Limes, Okra, Olives (green), Rosemary, Spinach, Watercress.


Healthy inflammatory response, Brain health, Cell Protection, Skin Health, Hormone balance, Heart Health, Liver Health.

White/tan/brown foods

Apples, Beans (butter, cannellini, etc), Cauliflower, Cinnamon, Clove, Coconut, Cocoa, Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Flaxseed, Garlic, Ginger, Hummus, Legumes (chickpeas, dried beans, hummus, lentils, peanuts, etc), Mushrooms, Nuts (almonds, cashews, macadamias, pecans, walnuts), Onions, Pears, Seeds (flax, hemp, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, etc), Shallots, Tahini, Tea (black, white), Whole Grains (Quinoa, Brown Rice, Oat, Spelt/wheat).


Cancer protective, Anti-microbial, Cell Protection, Gastrointestinal health, Heart Health, Liver Health, Hormone Balance.

Purple foods

Aubergine, Berries (blue/black), Cabbage (purple), Carrots (purple), Cauliflower (purple), Figs, Grapes (purple), Kale (purple), Olives (black), Plums, Potatoes (purple), Prunes, Raisins, Rice (black/purple).


Cancer protective, Healthy inflammatory response, Cell protection, Cognitive health, Heart health, Liver health.



We would like to acknowledge the Institute for Functional Medicine ( as the primary source of the above information.


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