Tempt your taste buds

Here’s a small sample of what you can expect to enjoy at The Willow

Direct Trade Small Batch Coffee

Micro roasted to ensure you get your antioxidant hit in the richest, most flavoursome way. Our coffees are ‘direct’ trade too, which means we support growers & their communities – minus the middleman.

Natural Wines

We’ve selected some of the best organic, biodynamic & low-sulphite wines on the market. Not only are they delicious, they’re actively good for you. A glass of red anyone?

Award Winning, Gluten-Free Beers

You don’t need to be coeliac or following a paleo lifestyle to enjoy our beers. Quench your thirst with a nice cold gluten-free beer. You may surprise yourself how good it tastes & you feel.

Tuna steak


Seared grade-A sashimi tuna loin on a bed of seaweed tagliatelle, San Manzarno tomatoes and peppers topped with taro crisps

The Willow Rainbow salad

Eat a rainbow every day – our salad is made up of five phytonutrient colour groups – to keep the spring in your step. Vegetarian, low carb, healthy fats, paleo, low sugar. Option to add ‘activated nuts’, prawns or grilled chicken

Homemade sweet potato gnocchi

A pillowy gnocchi, pan seared in coconut oil with kale and a sage and hazelnut pesto

Vegan falafel burger

Mixed bean, chickpea and courgette falafel served with squash, Tuscan kale and avocado coleslaw (Option: served without mushroom to make it Low FODMAP)

Lemon & garlic free range Poussin

Served with a fricassee of wild mushrooms on a bed of baby spinach and purple, orange and yellow heirloom carrots.

Flourless chocolate cake

Served with fresh strawberries. Dense and delicious. An ultimate chocolate ‘hit’, minus the usual calories

Blending my love of great food and striving for a healthier lifestyle has allowed me to follow my real passion – Creating great dishes that create great memories, real foods that use nature’s medicine cabinet with locally sourced, sustainable produce. I’m looking forward to introducing you to a new way of eating.

Head Chef


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