We believe the dinner plate is the foundation to better health. That’s why we promote the ethos of ‘Food as Medicine’ .

Locally sourced, ‘real’ food that uses cooking methods to maintain nutritional integrity, alongside a bar with a difference that serves gluten-free beers & ciders, organic, biodynamic low-sulphite wines & homemade infused spirits that will leave you planning your next visit before you’ve left. We cater for all allergens and intolerances (we are completely gluten free and certified by Coeliac UK) and offer an array of dairy and grain free dishes, alongside our Low FODMAP, low carb, lower sugar, protein rich, vegan and paleo options. Our staff are here to help so you can dine with peace of mind.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Hippocrates 460-390BC

Rainbow food

Eating a rainbow of vegetables and some fruits everyday is like flinging open the door to nature’s medicine cabinet. We all benefit from consuming the full range of the 6 colour groups representing phytonutrients from red, orange, white/tan, green, blue/purple and yellow foods every day to create a strong foundation for optimal health. If your daily plate looks bland and colourless, you’re missing out on essential anti-ageing nutrients. From the strong cancer-protective nutrients in dark blue/purple berries, the hormone health-enhancing benefits in broccoli, kale and cabbage, to the anti-inflammatory and immune-enhancing properties in turmeric and onions – eating a rainbow everyday is the only health insurance you really need. Follow our Rainbow icon for dishes created especially to help you hit the ‘magic 6’.

Free From Gluten & Dairy

If you’re allergic, intolerant or have consciously decided to avoid gluten, dairy or wheat / grains, The Willow has you in mind. We’re totally (GF), mainly (DF) & have a great selection of (GrF) dishes.
Free from may be our speciality but you definitely won’t find taste free on the menu

Vegetarian/Vegan (V/Ve)

Many vegetarians & vegans struggle to get the right amount of protein & healthy fats in their diet. Our meat-free dishes are all hearty, healthy & nutritionally balanced. A sensory overload on the eyes & palette, bursting with powerful nutrients

Low carb (LC)

If you’re allergic, intolerant or have consciously decided to avoid gluten, dairy or wheat / grains, The Willow has you in mind. We’re totally (GF), mainly (DF) & have a great selection of (GrF) dishes.
Free from may be our speciality but you definitely won’t find taste free on the menu

Lower sugar (LS)

You don’t need to miss out on one of your favourite desserts or sweet treats at The Willow. The sugar content in every (LS) dish has been slashed to 10 grams or less per portion. That’s important when the latest scientific guidelines say we shouldn’t exceed 30 grams of added sugars daily. Go on, you know you want to…

Protein rich (PR)

Protein – one of the most essential food groups to build healthy bodies (bones, muscles, cartilage, skin & blood) but most of us aren’t getting enough good quality protein, which can impact energy & enzyme production, hormones & a host of other bodily processes. Our (PR) dishes let you know that at least 20% of their energy value comes from protein

Paleo (P)

The Palaeolithic is the longest era of human history. Our modern interpretation of Paleo aims to reinstate metabolic & hormonal patterns helping you become more resilient, leaner, stronger & more flexible metabolically. Our (P) dishes exclude grains, legumes, dairy & high sugar, focusing on clean, free-range animal products with healthy fats & vegetables

Healthy fats (HF)

Everyone agrees that hydrogenated & trans fats are bad for us, but science tells us certain ‘healthy fats’ like those in oily fish, avocado, coconut, tree nuts, marbled meats & even butter & ghee can help protect the heart, lower cholesterol & keep your brain sharp whilst balancing your hormones & emotions. Our (HF) dishes not only contain healthy fats but we ensure the cooking/storage methods don’t damage them either


FODMAP – Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols. Put simply a group of sugars & sugar alcohols that occur in many foods & are poorly digested by the those who are sensitive to them. When going through the digestion digestive process they are fermented by gut bacteria, which can cause gas, bloating, unwanted wind & pain. At the Willow, you can relax knowing our (LF) dishes have you in mind

  • This restaurant is on par, if not better than any high end place I have been to. The Willow’s health conscious umbrella does not jeopardise its foods flavour. In fact, the food’s natural beauty shines here and HAS to be experienced.

    Mel Sykes TV Presenter & Fitness Guru
  • Loving the Willow Kingston - fab food and great team!

    Excellent food, really friendly and helpful team - give it a try! Brilliant cocktails, fabulous gluten free food, beer and wine. Comfortable environment for friends and family. Great team.

  • Fantastic Venue

    Love this place. I highly recommend The food is delicious and super healthy, supporting a variety of diets and health needs. The staff are very friendly and always happy to help and assist you. Overall a fantastic venue not only for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can also limber yourself up with yoga in the function room followed by a healthy smoothie, or if you fancy some zing then you can opt for a healthy cocktail or gluten free beer. 5 stars!

    Greg S
  • Thank You Thank You Thank You

    Been a few times now, for a quick lunch with a friend, an afternoon tea, an anniversary lunch and thoroughly enjoyed each visit. Service is great, the food is phenomenal, the venue is gorgeous.Now have to take the time to explore the rest of the facilities and services. Seems like this place needs its own postcode!

  • Marvellous Monday Meal

    Our visit here was the highlight of our little London visit. The food was of outstanding quality and really hit the right spot. My children really enjoyed their food too and for fussy kids this was brilliant, testament to the brilliant food. Desert was also just divine, my wife and I shared crem broule and ice - cream and our kids the chocolate cake. The staff were all friendly and we had good chats with the manager and owners about the ethos of the restaurant. This is definately worth a visit! Highly recommend.

    Ian S
  • Relaxed Coffee and Cake

    After hearing great things about this place we decided to pop in for a coffee and to check it out. It is gorgeous inside and the terrace area outside was really cosy and private. We ordered several different coffees and the service was excellent, really friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I asked to see the main menu (it wasn't meal time!) and he brought out a complimentary gluten free sugar free raspberry and chocolate chip muffin which was really fresh and yummy. The whole menu sounded amazing and I will be going back to check out the food very soon!


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